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Xenserver/XCP-ng - Copy of VM with RAM technology

The following article aims to register a method used to copy VMs with RAM and disk, without downtime between Xenserver / XCP-ng virtualization hosts.

Under the optics art

head of man under Picasso. (Digital art – illustration, 2832 x 2688 pixels, 2020. Marllus Lustosa)

LUKS, VeraCrypt, CryFS, EncFS, gocryptfs...? A practical discussion on sync of encrypting files technology

This article provides a brief discussion of the types of cryptography available at the ‘day to day’ level and the implications of its use, both locally and in the cloud....

I can only scream art

As well as the concerns of Edvard Munch, who walk between disease, life and death, I try to describe the unique moment of this illustration from his brushstrokes, where we...